Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend ahead. We are going to try to soak up every last drop of Seattle sunshine and go see a movie in the theater (recommendations??).

Here are some links to kick us off:

This made me laugh so hard there were tears.

In case you want to dress like Olivia Pope.

Incredible wedding photography in Australia.

Washington wineries made the NY Times!

The best movies of 2014 so far, I want to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend.

Obsessed with these doughnuts at Top Pot, might have to try to make them at home (Jenny??)

Spring trends for 2015 from fashion week. I'm loving the prison stripes and I could definitely see Jenny in one of those bib top onesies.

12 dreamy bathrooms.

Cute and functional diaper bag that would work for men or women.

Amazing doggy swimming photos.

This made me smile, love Mindy.

(Image: tapas at home)


  1. Yay! I 've never made actual doughnuts before...maybe we should give it a go?
    Also, I'd totally rock a onsie like those and am thrilled they are in. Any outfit in which you don't have to decide on a shirt AND pants is a good thing. Also, I too love Mindy! Excited for her show to be back!

  2. I seriously need to stop by Top Pot before they're all gone!