I Officially Have a Toddler

As you can see from the above photos, I officially have a toddler. Myles took my shoes and threw them in the plant, then proceeded to try to eat them and throw dirt all over the dining room. He's on the move constantly! 

People keep saying "Enjoy this stage while you can, as soon as they start crawling/walking/moving it's crazy!" But both Patrick and I agree that we've yet to hit an age that we didn't like better than the last one. The older he gets the happier he seems and the more fun he is to be around. His little personality is emerging and it's a blast to see him constantly learning new things and discovering the world (even if it is at the expense of my blue suede flats!). 

Do any of you toddler parents out there have recommendations for shoes though?? My poor child has such chubby little feet that he hates wearing shoes because they are so uncomfortable. We've been fine all summer but now that fall is approaching he needs to start wearing shoes!

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  1. Romy has chubby feet too! What an adorable problem. Saltwater sandals- no good! I've had good luck with See Kai Run shoes. Anything that is a mary jane style with an adjustable strap is helpful. Their shoes are a little pricey, but we just get one pair at a time and they've been well worth it. Maybe something like this might work for your little guy? http://www.seekairun.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=RICHIES14CAMEL