Friday Roundup

It's been a week of recuperating at our house. The calm after the chaos that was finishing a music video. Have you seen it yet? You can watch here! Teresa's on her way back from her vacation, I'm sure she's sad it's over, but selfishly I'm happy to have her back in town. Happy weekend!

Downton embraces bottled water? 

Ice cream pint cozy…brilliant!

Interesting article…

Robin Williams' live in pictures (ps. many of his movies are available on Netflix, including my favorite)

Lauren Bacall

The kitten video Jason can't get enough of this week.

I want to try this guacamole

Bad 90's beauty trends, although I have to admit,  I currently own a scrunckie and I kinda want crimped hair to come back!

Speaking of 90's trends, American Apparel has jellies!

Image by @zoerainphoto


  1. congrats on the video, you deserve a break! still can't believe about robin williams, so sad. I saw a quote on fb the other day from mrs. doubtfitre, "it was a run-by fruiting," made me laugh. sad to see someone so talented leave in the way that he did.

  2. Hook is one of my top favs too. :)