Seattle Spotlight: Yoga in the park!

All summer our favorite yoga studio, 8 Limbs, is teaching FREE yoga classes in the sculpture park on Saturdays! It's been one of my goals of the summer to make it to a class and I finally did last week. 

Doing yoga outdoors is super refreshing. Although, I have to say, a yoga mat on top of grass is a little more challenging than hardwood. 

The class is every Saturday from 10:30-11:30,  goes through the end of September and everyone is welcome. They suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to sign in, but if you're going with friends and want to be next to each other, I suggest getting there a bit before that. The classes are geared toward all levels, but a base understanding of yoga poses is definitely helpful, as it's hard to see the instructor demonstrating unless your in the very front. 

Who wants to come with me? 

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