Update On Lent

So I took the plunge and gave up sweets and TV for Lent like I was thinking about. It's only been one week and I already read an entire book! Jenny had let me borrow her copy of Where'd You Go Bernadette and I pretty much devoured it. It actually hasn't been hard to find other things to do in the evenings and with the time change (hallelujah!) they seem shorter any way. Giving up sweets on the other hand....has been a challenge. I LOVE my sweets and getting through the afternoons at work by gnawing on a banana or orange instead of a Snickers or milkshake just isn't quite the same. It's good for me though! I do want to detox from sugar and put healthy things in my body, just easier said than done. This recipe for homemade Samoa Girl Scout cookies looks so tasty, maybe for Easter??


  1. I gave up fast food for lunch, and almost (accidentally) bought a Chik Fil A biscuit yesterday. I think TV would be a great thing to give up, maybe I will try that next year! Stay Strong!

  2. Have you read The Fault in our Stars? I'd recommend that one next. Everyone has been passing it around on tour.
    A bunch of us have given up sugar for the tour, and I just had to walk by an entire table of desserts in catering! Settling for some watermelon and a coffee instead is hard!

  3. I gave up dessert as well. the other day in our staff room there were brownies and I totally forgot until 2 bites in. threw the remainder in the trash, felt so sad! How many more days?