A play by play of Jenny trying Vegemite:
To set the stage, I'm sitting in a cafe in Adelaide. I've ordered fruit and toast and on the side of my toast, is a small yellow packet. It's Vegemite. It's my last day in Australia, I must try it. It's meant to be. Here's how it goes down...

-Skeptically look at package, does it tell you what it's made out of? No. 
-Open package, it smells like dog food. What IS this? 
-Set it down and contemplate if I can manage to not draw attention to myself if I gag while eating it in this cafe filled with Australians who probably love Vegemite. 
-I'm brave. I can do this...
-Spreading it in a small corner on my's similar to Nutella in color and consistency...
-I quickly eye my coffee, making sure I have easy access to it.
-One, two, three, BITE!
-Ick! Ick! Ick!
-It taste like salty, like someone's sweaty socks that have been put in a blender with a some saltwater. 
-Maybe this is the sort of thing that grows on you? 
-Nope! Didn't grow on me. 
-I gulp down the rest of my coffee, look around to see if anyone is watching the gross face I'm making.
-I can still smell it, wafting up from my plate as I put butter on my second piece of toast.

The next day...
Now that I finally have a free moment and access to working wifi, I've managed to google Vegemite and discovered it's made from leftover yeast made from brewing beer and it's good for you, rich in vitamin B. 

PS. Vegemite is available at World Market if you want to give it a whirl!


  1. This account made me just about spit out my non-vegemite covered toast!

    1. just be glad your toast is vegemite-free!