Seattle Spotlight: Lost Lake Cafe

I may be a few miles away, but if you're in Seattle, you should check out Lost Lake Cafe. It opened a little over a year ago, so maybe you've already been there, but I just discovered it a few weeks before we left and it is easily my favorite 24hr. spot in the city. 

The food is classic diner/cafe fare done well, I'm a fan of the pie and they have some great specialty cocktails, too. 

On top of the great food, what makes this WAY better than hitting up a Denny's at 2 am is the decor. It's a cross between a 50's diner and a hunting lodge, sort of a retro getaway in the middle of Capitol Hill. Check it out. It's always open. 

Teresa, they have waffles. We have to go when I get back! 

Also, they have a happy hour. 


  1. It's 9am why does that burger look sooo good right now?? Also, yes to waffles!!!

  2. We can meet there for lunch when I'm back in town!