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A couple weeks ago, Teresa shared that she hasn't read a novel since Myles was born in July.  Now it's time for my crazy TV confession:

Since mid-December, I've watched five seasons of Parks and Recreation, the first two seasons of Scandal, the first seasons of Orphan Black and House of Cards, all episodes of Ja'mie: Private School Girl, two seasons of Bob's Burgers and I'm caught up with my favorite shows airing now, Downton Abbey, Girls, Modern Family, etc. 

To be fair, I like to have Netflix on in the background when I layout wedding albums and input data into Quick Books, so a good chunk of my TV watching has been fairly productive.  It's always helpful to be laughing at Leslie Knope when you discover the total amount you've spent on parking tickets in the past fiscal year. 

All that said, I'm working on transitioning into more edifying things! I've been listening to more This American Life podcasts, but I'd love other recommendations! What are good TED talks? Or how about documentaries on Netflix? 

PS. Just in case you were wondering, I totally recommend all the TV shows listed above!

PPS. This made me feel infinitely better about bingeing on Scandal. Apparently I'm in good company.

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