Wedding Wednesday: Grammy Wedding Part 2

Last week I posted about my sister's wedding at the GRAMMY's with a few pictures and stories mostly from my perspective. This week I wanted to share some of her personal photos and the story of how her wedding came about. Just a quick note that because of security/privacy Laura was only able to bring her iPhone in to the venue, no cameras allowed. So all of these photos were taken on iPhones by her, me and our fabulous nanny/friend Jessica!
Laura and Alex had been planning to get married but no date had been set yet and they were not in a rush since she just had a baby in December (doesn't she look amazing!?!). My brother rung them up eight days (you read that right) before the Grammy ceremony and asked them if they would want to join 33 other couples in getting married live at the Grammy's by Queen Latifah while they performed their song "Same Love." Laura said they decided to take a day to think it through but in the end decided they couldn't turn down this once in a lifetime opportunity. So we all had one week to plan for their big day!
They spent the week shopping for rings, outfits, etc while we all prepared for a last minute trip to California! Laura was able to find her gorgeous dress at the last minute at Nordstrom and we all hopped on a plane on Friday and set off for LA. 
Laura and Alex participated in two long dress rehearsals at the Staples center and met all of the other couples who were getting married alongside them. On the morning of their wedding we all gathered in their room and helped them get ready for their big day! 
They set off for rehearsals and were back stage for a few hours before they got to line up with all the other happy soon to be married couples and filled out for everyone to see! As they walked down the aisle they saw Sir Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and other celebrities. We were up in the rafters but were able to wave our cell phones so they knew where we were. Here is a video of the whole thing in case you missed it. 
It's pretty awesome to be able to say that Queen Latifah signed your marriage license and Madonna sung at your wedding!! Not to mention Beyonce wore white on your big day. 
After the wedding we headed out for the after party/reception, and celebrated with the newlyweds and Grammy winners! Talk about a once in a lifetime weekend!!

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