New Work Wardrobe

Are there any Scandal fans out there? I admit the show is RIDICULOUS but oh so entertaining. I binged watched every episode over "Christmas break" and now am dying to revamp my work wardrobe. Kerry Washington's clothes as Washington DC fixer Olivia Pope are feminine, yet work appropriate. And I LOVE all of the gorgeous wool coats she sports throughout the three seasons. I'm keeping my eye on winter sales now hoping I can snag a good deal on a grey or creme wool coat.

Also, I gave in and joined Stitchfix now that I'm back into more normal sizes. My first shipment of clothing arrives in a couple of weeks, I'll let you know how it goes.

Who are your favorite TV fashion icons?


  1. Ohh! Sounds like fun. I'm super interested in hearing about how this turns out.

  2. I love Scandal, I want all her coats! And gowns, well basically all her clothes...