Wedding Traditions (#2)

The "something new" part of the old wedding rhyme represents the new beginning of your life together. 

I realize of all the pieces, this one is by far the easiest. Even with the most simple of weddings, you're bound to have something new. I'd recommend maybe thinking a little harder about this one and coming up with a "something new" that isn't just your wedding dress. 

Stay with me here, I promise I'm not going to go all crazy superstitious on you. Don't get something special for the sake of this old poem alone. Here are my reasons:

1. An everyday reminder...Get something special for your big day that you'll wear/have/use again often. Get a new perfume, or pearls, amazing lingerie or splurge on the heels you've always wanted. 

2. Start your own tradition...For everyone who read last week's post and thought, "I wish my great grandmother had left me an amazing parasol to use at my wedding!" You, my friend, have the chance right now to be that classy great grandmother who has fantastic style. Start a new tradition of your own! You're starting a new family, instantly create it's first heirloom. 

Next week, "something borrowed..."

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  1. What a great idea! I want to start a new family tradition! Please add this fun post to our linkup if you would like! I think the other ladies will enjoy it! :)