Wedding Traditions

The tradition of "something old" is meant to represent continuity, a connection to family and a way to honor the past. 

In all the weddings I've shot, I'd easily say that jewelry is the most common "something old". A necklace, ring or bracelet that's been passed down, perhaps something that's been worn in another wedding. I wore my nana's ring which my mom wears regularly, so I felt like it was something belonging to both of them.

Sometimes, to incorporate special things it takes a little more creativity. After all, some heirlooms, no matter how meaningful, might not work with your dress. Try to include it in more creative ways. You can pin that heirloom broach on your bouquet or wrap your grandmother's embroidered hanky around it. Even consider pinning something on your garter.

Here are a few more unique options...

In the top photo, Evangeline is wearing her grandmother's veil, her sisters had also worn it in their weddings. Next, Kari's "something old" was the 100 year old parasol that had belonged to her great grandmother. Below, Anna's holding a clutch made from pieces of her mom's wedding dress.

 What's your "something old"?

Next week, "Something New"...


  1. My something old was my mother-in-laws pearl earrings/necklace. It was a great "welcome to the family" gift.

  2. I wore a solje (a Norwegian brooch) and the matching earrings. I wore the brooch to my rehearsal dinner and the earrings to the wedding. They belonged to my Grandmother; my Grandfather had given it to her as an anniversary gift. My mom has her own solje and earrings set that she offered me but I wanted to wear my Grandmothers.

    1. I love the idea of wearing your something old to the rehearsal dinner!

  3. I've got some ideas for my something old, but my favorite so far is an ivory broach that my mother-in-law to be wore in her wedding, as did her mother. It's going to look awesome on my bouquet! :)

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