My New Favorite Dress Designer

This started out to be a post on my favorite dresses of the summer. I've seen LOTS of gorgeous dresses, but there were three that really stood out to me. They were all similar in that they weren't strapless- a trend I've been seeing more of and really like, so I thought I'd do a post on not-strapless dresses. I emailed the three brides asking for details on their dresses and surprise surprise, all three were Claire Pettibone dresses. Tada! Just like that, I've discovered my new favorite wedding dress designer. 

Here's Jen wearing The Sky Between Branches...which really is the perfect name for this dress and it's super distinctive lace with matte sequin detailing.

Lauren wearing Brigitte...I love the timeless feel of this one, it's classic yet unique. Lauren also told me it was super comfortable to wear, which is definitely not the case with most wedding dresses. 

Katie wearing Eloquence... It's part of the designer's Windsor Rose China collection, inspired by her grandma's 1920's dress. The scalloped lace is amazing, vintage and just the right amount of sexy.

PS. If you're in Seattle, The Dress Theory carries Claire Pettibone. Be sure to check out her beautiful lingerie too! 

Top & Bottom Images Zoe Rain.. Middle Studio JKoe. 

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