Lisa Frank Is Real

Did you collect Lisa Frank stuff as a kid? My sister and I didn't have tons of it but growing up in the 80's and 90's we definitely accumulated the stickers, folders, binders, etc. The above is a fascinating video that Urban Outfitters put together interviewing a shadowed Lisa Frank, who does not want anyone to know her identity. At one point she calls herself a lunatic and there is a tour of her factory's underground vault that stores one of each and every product they've ever made. Also, for added entertainment, they include a clip of Mila Kunis wearing an awesome hat in an early 90's Lisa Frank ad.


  1. I loved Lisa Frank stuff! I'm about to go google "Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper" suddenly I want one...

    1. I totally had a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper...until my elementary school outlawed the Velcro binders. boo.

  2. Remember in elementary school on the school supply list and it said no Trapper Keepers allowed (at least at our school, right Teresa?) - what was up with that? I want one now too...are they worth anything?