Smiley Baby

I feel like I've been emerging from a fog these past couple of weeks. Patrick and I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend in Eastern Washington in Cle Elum and Leavenworth. It was refreshing to get out of our house and feel like "normal people" who could eat out and travel a bit.

As you can see above, our little Myles really has the whole smiling thing down these days.  For both Patrick and I this has been one of the most exciting parts of his life so far. While we were both in love the moment he came into the world, for us it has taken time to feel really connected and bonded with him. I think we were both a bit (naively) surprised by how all-consuming having a newborn in our life would be and I can't even describe how gratifying it is to finally have him recognize us and smile up from his changing table like "I like you! Thank you for taking care of me!"

I can't believe he'll be 8 weeks old this weekend, time flies!


  1. Wow...he is really changing, and so, so adorable! Glad you two are getting used to parenthood. As you already know, it's the greatest gift ever! Miss you at work though...

  2. He is such a sweet little guy, you look so happy in this photo :)