Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Jason's out of town having meetings in Hollywood, which sounds much more glamourous than it is. I'll be spending the weekend with the cats and a long "to do" list, thankfully "catch up on sleep" is something I decided to put at the top of the to do list as I feel like everyone around me is starting to come down with the first round of autumn colds. Hope you have a great, sniffle free, weekend!

I'm just finishing up a lovely novel, Beautiful Ruins, I definitely recommend it. Part of the story takes place around the filming of Cleopatra in Rome in 1962, which inspired my photo choice this week. 

Hot Toddy Recipes in preparation for colder weather and sore throats to come!

36 Hours in Reykjavik...definitely somewhere I want to see. 


  1. Beautiful ruins is on my list to read, maybe one of these days I'll find time to start it :) Have a great weekend you guys