Failure to Launch

Yesterday, I had what  I like to call a "Failure to Launch" day. Yes, the title I've given to difficult days  was inspired by a Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew McConaughey movie. 

My issue is not a failure to launch into life in general,  but every once in awhile I seem to fail at getting out of bed. 

My day started at noon yesterday, when I finally made it out of bed after a couple of hours of pursuing blogs in an effort to avoid my email inbox, a long to do list and a very messy house. All the while feeling a bit guilty that all these other people with blogs seemed to make it out of bed at reasonable hours and  not only clean their houses and go to jobs but also do craft projects and organize their closets. 

And then there is me, my entire house is in different stages of needing to be cleaned and organized:

-I have no clean underwear. 

-There is a broom in my living room, leaning on the wall next to the dust I swept into a pile TWO DAYS AGO. Somehow I never made it back with a dustpan. 

My new goal in life, to let myself have those mornings without feeling guilty about it because sometimes, I just need a few hours of guiltless nothing and then I'm energized to tackle life. 

I keep saying, "we have a lot going on right now" or "when things slow down I'll..." At this point, the next few months are only going to get crazier.  I guess, I'm realizing that life isn't going to slow down anytime soon and I need to evolve to accommodate that. 


  1. Not to worry Jenny! Our vacuum sits out for days (maybe even a week or so) at a time. I get a wild hair to be all productive, and then find myself on the couch being so very not. Oh well. We need those days now and then!

  2. When you so watch underwear think of me washing it out in the hotel bathtub in Rome! Your picture is you out of bed, though. Your bedroom was offlimits to the camera?

  3. Sometimes those lazy mornings are just what you need. We try to keep our lives busy and our apartment clean but sometimes dishes and laundry stack up and that's ok!