Butter Nail Polish

Have you ever used Butter nail polish? I heard it was worth the price and picked up the lovely color to the left, Trout Pout, a couple of weeks back. I'm really hard on my nails so usually I'm having to touch them up every day or so. Along with the Butter top coat, this brand has definitely been one of the more resilient that I've tried...and still cheaper than a manicure!

What are your favorite nail polish brands? I'm looking forward to actually being able to paint my own toenails again in the coming weeks-- 38 weeks pregnant is no joke!


  1. I love their polish and their shop in the Sea-Tac airport! Have you been there before? Love getting my nails done there when my flight's been delayed!

    1. I didn't even know they had shops! Note to self: arrive early for my next flight.