Wedding Wednesday: Lantern Interlude

At Chris and Angela's wedding last month, they did something that I'd never seen before and LOVED.  

Their wedding was at The Great Hall at Green Lake, where the ceremony and reception are in the same room as is common at many wedding venues. 

Instead of funneling everyone into another room for a cocktail hour while the room was turned around, the bride and groom lead their guests a block down the road to Green Lake, a beautiful park in Seattle, where they released paper lanterns.

It was beautiful and so nice to get outside and walk around in between the ceremony and reception.

There was one tiny hiccup, when a lantern got caught in a tree and the fire department was called, but the situation ended well with a bridesmaid photo shoot. 

But if you do try this, I'd recommend doing it a bit farther away from trees!


  1. The picture with the firemen is awesome! haha

  2. Well, in Germany those paper lanterns are forbidden by law - and for a reason because they can easily cause huge fires - maybe have a quick view across the ocean and check whats getting on close to birmingham right now


    (the picture with the bridesmaides and the firefighters is truly awesome, though!!)

  4. Love this and Kim will, too!