Kenya Photo Gallery

Jason and I've spent the last few weeks running around like crazy people putting together a gallery of images from our Kenya trip for the annual Construction for Change fundraiser. This year, the majority of the funds will go to build is a clinic in Mbita, Kenya, run by Med 25.

This is our fourth year traveling to shoot for Construction for Change and doing a gallery of the images. Each year I think it'll get easier and be less stressful, I try to plan ahead instead of procrastinate. Regardless of what I do, seems to come down to the wire each time.There is this sort of unspoken pressure of wanting to represent the people and communities in the photos as best we can, wanting to give them a voice through the images.  Despite a few hectic "working with your spouse is difficult"  moments, (like when Jason wanted to order more prints just hours before the event began!) killer traffic due to Obama being in town and a couple of shattered picture frames, it looked pretty flawless in the end.

PS. That cute old couple in the photo right above, that's Barack Obama's great aunt and her husband. I kid you not, she's his grandma's sister and a really sweet lady.


  1. Way to go guys! I think it is fantastic that you are using your awesome talents for a project/organization like this!

  2. These are incredible images. So beautiful!