ASOS Maternity

I recently discovered ASOS's line of maternity wear and I wish I had seen it a long time ago! They have great prices for on trend clothes that don't look matronly or humungous. I wore this green dress to my shower last weekend, it was comfortable and a fun, bright hue for the day.


  1. I havent bought anything from Asos but I was looking at their site the other day after someone told me they have FREE international shipping. FYI to all :)

  2. Ooh, I hadn't heard of this either, good to know. Also, I heard H&M at Southcenter has maternity!

    1. I got a couple of tops from H&M Maternity but I've had so much trouble finding pants that aren't too tight! I have a couple work ones from the Gap but next time around I'm definitely investing in one pair of expensive black skinny jeans. :)