Friday Roundup

It's the Summer Solstice, one of my favorite days of the year! I hope you're all doing something to enjoy the daylight. Anyone in Seattle planning on going for a bike ride sans clothes this weekend? Here are some bits and bobs to get you through Friday.

I'd be happy living in Moonrise Kindgdom, wouldn't you?

Teresa, here's Kate's birth plan as detailed by St. James Palace...Incase you're looking for any tips on how to properly announce a birth.

Summer Music Playlist

This might be the most adorable pinterest board ever. And pretty funny's a summary.

Cat print

Glad I live here!

Mad Men Conspiracy Theories...who else is sad the season is over on Sunday?

Tips on using dry shampoo

John Mayer thinks you should prance to his new song.

What to NOT do when you aren't thrilled with a gift you received at your wedding. Yikes!

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