Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun plans -- I'm planning to keep plugging away at my pre-baby to do list and walk around Green Lake a couple of times. :)

Here are a few links to get us started!

Newly released list of 2012's most popular baby names and five important things to consider when choosing a name.

Super cool wood photo DIY.

Awesome mom dresses her daughter up like inspiring female historical figures and takes fabulous photos.

This dragon fruit cocktail is so creative and delicious looking.

Three minutes of wanderlust-foodie heaven in Spain. Totally worth a watch.

Anthropology quilt sale -- love them all.

Dad and hysterical laughing babies, enough said.

I'm liking these shoes for summertime.

In case you thought buying a house was anything like House Hunters on HGTV. (guilty)

Free 45 minute Major Lazer workout mix for the weekend. :)

(photo of Scotland)


  1. 1.) The historical figure photo shoot is one of my favorite internet articles/posts over the last week. So awesome!

    2.) I really want to do that wood photo DIY!

    3.) My husband and I were excited that our future baby's name is NOT on the Top Baby Names lists. :)

    4.) I really want to move to WA. My husband and I were in Seattle and Leavenworth in January, and we're in love.

    5.) Happy Friday, Jenny and Teresa!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Happy weekend to you too!