Travel Sleeping

I think that Jason has officially mastered the art of sleeping on the go...
Unlike Jason, I can't sleep in airports. I always get too self-conscious and wonder if people are staring at me. I usually just sleep on the plane. My trick is Dramamine and this jersey knit Muji eye mask

Before boarding an 11 hour flight to Addis Ababa. we purchased these 2-way Travel Pillows at the airport and have loved them. The go between begin a neck pillow and regular pillow and have proven great for all situations. 

Do you sleep well on planes? Any tips or tricks?

And just because, some more photos of Jason sleeping in precarious travel situations...

LAX, I had to wake him up when people were having to step over him to board the plane.

This was in Auckland, Jason actually fell asleep like this in a car.

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  1. Oh, Jason, you are so funny! Those 2-way pillows look really usable.