Preparing for "The Big Day"

No, this post is not about's about labor! Eeek! As we get closer to the due date for our baby boy (July is just around the corner!) I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by how much there is to decide and think about. Before I got pregnant I always assumed I'd give birth in the hospital with an OB and gladly accept whatever drugs they would give me to ease the pain. But after reading a few different books and researching different options...and I am scared to even say this...I think I'm going to try to go natural!

When we found out we were expecting I did some reading online and after looking through various options in Seattle, we decided to go with a midwife vs. an OB (but still deliver in the hospital).  A lot of people have asked me why I'm not seeing a doctor and because we've had such a great experience with the midwives I usually can't wait to gush about . Being that I'm only 29 and have had no complications so far, our pregnancy is considered low-risk, meaning that I don't need a surgeon or specialist to monitor my pregnancy. This has freed me up to see a group of Certified Nurse Midwives whose practice focuses on normal pregnancies. They are able to give us more focused attention and are really in tune with what my desires are for our pregnancy and labor. Plus, we've had the bonus of being a part of "Centering Pregnancy," which means that our monthly appointments are with a group of 10 Seattle couples that are all due in July! Each month the individual couples see the midwife behind a private screen to hear the baby's heartbeat and ask any personal questions and then we meet as a group for 90 minutes to talk about everything from back pain to parenting styles to cooping techniques for labor. We have absolutely loved it so far, I'll be sure to report back after the big day.

Have you heard of Ricki Lake's documentary The Business of Being Born? I watched it last weekend on Netflix and although wouldn't call it "objective" it was definitely well worth checking out if your considering natural labor, birthing with a midwife or in your own home. Ricky talks through the difference between her first birth at the hospital and her second at home and explores the role of midwives in modern America. 

Would you ever give birth at home? Any advice from mom's out there for what you liked and disliked about your own experience? 

(love this vintage photo, where can I find a dress like that?!)

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  1. I am not there yet, but I am very glad you highlighted the positive experience you are having with your midwife. I always do hear great things -- and I am definitely supportive of low-risk people going to see midwives (after all, advanced practice nurses rock! ;) )