Extra Pages

It finally happened. I ran out of room in my passport and had to get extra pages. It may seem silly but needing extra pages has been a goal of mine ever since I knew it was possible, way back when my passport had one lone stamp and looked all shiny and new. 

Here I am a few years later with 22 of 24 pages filled and about to head to a country where they require you to have at least 4 blank pages. 

My favorite stamp you ask? Canada! Why? I don't know anyone else who has it. When you drive across the boarder, as is common in Washington, they don't stamp your passport. I got one by flying in on a seaplane and specifically asking for them to stamp my passport. 

Here are a couple of my stamps and the corresponding journeys...

Riding an elephant in Zimbabwe...I love the bird hologram on the passport sticker.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland...of course their passport stamp is green.

Wandering through a temple garden in Japan...this is probably the most high tech stamp in my passport, complete QR code.

PS. The cost for extra pages is $82, but when you get a new passport, you can check a box and get 48 visa pages to begin with (normal US passports have 24 pages). If you travel a lot, upgrade when you renew your passport and save some $. That's what I'll be doing next time. 


  1. I love this post, because I have always had the same goal! I have six pages left... getting close!

  2. Lucky girl, I would love to fill my passport to the point of needing new pages!