Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Boy has this been a long week. I am so excited for the weekend-- my sister is in town applying for jobs so she can MOVE HOME! Woohoo!

Hope you have some fun plans! Here are some links to get us started:

Have you seen the brand new Great Gatsby trailer? Whoa.

Love these espadrilles for spring/summer.

This photo series is a tear-jerker but incredibly cool.

Must read article of the week, are you giver, matcher or taker?

Hot baby names for 2013 and fascinating baby naming laws in other countries.

How cool is this house?!

This book looks funny, anyone read it yet?

What your favorite Instagram filter says about you.

Simple centerpieces with spring tulips.

Jenny sent me this great Tumblr.

Life advice for my 20 year old self.


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