Friday Roundup

Teresa's busy packing for New York and I'm on the other side of the world taking a much needed day off! Anyone know of fun things to do in Brisbane? I think we might go hug koalas

Also, did you see Jason's hair on Instagram (here, here and here)? Please leave advice on how to style a bowl cut in the comments. 

And now, some fun from around the web...

I want to try these blueberry banana pancakes. No flour! Just banana, blueberry and egg. 

Crochet bike guard. Too cute. 

I'll be bringing some manuka honey back from New Zealand. Did you know about all of it's wonderful uses? 

Turn a mason jar into a to go cup

Teresa and I are both the planners in the relationship, how about you?

Photo: Jason & friends taking a break in New Zealand the other day. The southern hemisphere has me dreaming of summer in Seattle! It's March 1st, we've almost made it out of winter!


  1. I love this photo! I also love your accepting attitude of Jason's special new hairdo.I hope you are enjoying the sun and have lots of fun! love you!

  2. Hairdo idea!!! Jason should wrap a bandana around his head. It would cover the bowl-cut part. He should grow the "beard" part into a long, fashionable rat-tail. He should then allow me and you to braid this rat-tail and put beads in it.