Last Minute Trip to NYC!

P and I in Central Park 2008 - we are babies!

This weekend Patrick and I are headed on a last minute, whirlwind trip to NYC with the whole family to see my little brother play on Saturday Night Live! We just booked the tickets last week and our hotel yesterday so it's definitely a spontaneous visit. It will be my sister Laura's first ever trip to NY! We'll be staying in Midtown -- any recommendations for what to see and where to eat on a whirlwind trip?


  1. You should check out the High Line if the weather is warm enough. It's new since I lived there but looks really cool. Have so much fun! P.S. You should take a 2hr detour to Philly:)

  2. You have to go in any local pizza place and get garlic knots, pizza, and zeppoles!!
    When I go back and visit my family in NY that's what I always get.

  3. I was so excited to hear that your brother and Macklemore are going to be on SNL! The doc I work with can't get Thriftshop out of his head -- it makes me laugh every time. Have fun in NY!