20 Weeks Already

Hard to believe that baby boy is already 20 weeks along in there-- halfway! I spent the weekend down in Portland with Patrick and we were both remarking on how fast this is going. We've heard that things slow down a lot at the end and it starts to seem like the baby will never come but for now the whole pregnancy feels like it's flying by at lightning speed. 

In the past couple of weeks I've started to feel him moving around in there, which is a strange but amazing experience. I had always imagined that the baby would just feel like another one of my organs, a sort of extra large kidney or something. In fact, it feels like a whole separate being, kind of like I swallowed a balloon! 

I'm starting to think about the little guy's nursery as a few people have asked me what the "theme" will be. I haven't really come up with anything accept BRIGHT COLORS! I love the idea of having light colored walls and then all sorts of bright blankets, funny animals (I bought this one from Noon Day at Jenny's fair trade party and love him), and lots of interesting things to look at as he grows up. My friend Jimmy makes these wonderful banners and I'm thrilled to be putting this one up on baby boy's wall. So I guess that is kind of the theme - The Future is Bright. Can't wait to meet him. :)

(Image is a drawing by Becca Stadtlander)

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  1. I love the idea of bright walls for a baby room!! Congrats on making it 20 weeks =)