Baby Boy Arriving in July!

I have some big news that I've been dying to share on the blog for a while now...Patrick and I are expecting a baby boy in July! We are thrilled! I am 18 weeks along and feeling good.

We let the cat out of the bag with our families over the holidays at a couple of Christmas get togethers. As part of sharing the surprise we bought Kenedee, our nine month old niece, a little onesie that says "I'm going to be a big cousin!" We are so excited that our little boy will have a cousin so close in age. And he'll be the first grandchild on my side of the family which has been really fun already.

I'm excited to dive into this new phase of life with all of you over the next five months of pregnancy and then into motherhood. I love all of the great tips and advice that come from the blogging community.

PS. Thanks Jason for taking the cute picture at Agua Verde on Saturday!


  1. Congrats Teresa! Glad you're feeling well - enjoy this special time.

  2. Hooray!! Congratulations! This is awesome news.

    1. Thanks Mallie!! Hope that little Luca is feeling better. Definitely been following the "adventure" on your blog. Lots of love to you and Joe.

  3. YAY! Many congratulations to you and Patrick!

  4. Yay!!! Great news, congratulations!!!

  5. Yay! Great pic too! Looking forward to some great baby/pregnancy posts!!