Wedding Wednesday: Unique Rings

You might have noticed in these shots of  Justin & Claire's wedding, that their rings aren't your typical bands of precious metal. So this week, I wanted to share the story behind them. Here it is, in Claire's own words: 

 Justin proposed to me in Panama. We were living on Isla Boca Brava off the Pacific coast and our house was just up the hill from the beach. Then he carved both our rings from the same coconut using just his Leatherman! I never saw him doing any of this, he did it all in secrecy so I had no idea he was going to propose or that the rings would be coconut. 
We had a 4 day break in the middle of the field season and went on a get-away to Boquete, a town up in the mountains. On a quiet night after dinner we were walking across a bridge back to our cabin and he got on one knee :). I liked that there was nothing going on in the town so we could just have a peaceful and quiet night to ourselves with a bottle of champagne.
We were worried about the rings breaking but they have been super durable - I've had mine since April and it has virtually been unbreakable. Justin brought a couple coconuts back in his luggage (broken into pieces) in case one of our rings breaks and he needs to carve a new one. 

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