Listen Here: New Music for the New Year

I've been on a hunt for new songs and new artists lately and here are a few I've stumbled upon that I really enjoy...

Young Dreams "Fog of War": Love how this session was shot on a rooftop in Bergen, Norway. So simple and so beautiful.

Eddi Front: Pitchfork discribes her sound as "haunted balladry" which is right on in my opinion. Is got a vintage feel too, which I love.

A$AP Rocky "I Come Apart" (ft. Florence Welch): LISTEN HERE Mainly I love Florence (of Florence & the Machine) so it's great to hear her featured in a different genre.

What have you been listening to lately? I'm always looking for new stuff!

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  1. I've been loving The Heist, thanks to your all's recommendation. I'm pretty excited about the new Tegan and Sara coming out soon, and I've been listening quite a bit to Lord Huron and Night Terrors of 1927.