Seattle Spotlight: Bitters

For a while now Jenny and I have a had a little dream of starting our own "around the world" shop that sells products from some of our favorite international stores. We love supporting fair trade and handmade home decor so it would be a blast to have a little shop with all of our favorite stuff from around the world. Two of my favorite producers are FabIndia based in Delhi and Avoca based in Ireland.

We were chatting about it recently and Jenny recommended I check out the store Bitters in Fremont (just blocks from my house!). I walked over this weekend and wasn't disappointed. They have a great mix of high quality products made by artisans both in the US and around the world (including GORGEOUS hand knit blankets made with wool from the owner's, pictured above, family home in VA). Definitely worth a visit if you're in Fremont anytime soon.

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  1. Look! it's you and Jenny in the future (owning a store together)! #dreamsrealized