Pat and Terri

The topic of name pronunciation and nicknames came up at our slumber party a couple of weekends ago. It was interesting to hear different people's perspectives on their names being shortened and whether or not to correct people when your name is mispronounced.

When we lived abroad people often shortened Patrick and Teresa to Pat and Terri. I'd never been called Terri in my life before that! I didn't corrected anyone because it's not a big deal to me and I thought it was kind of funny but if it was happening on a regular basis I might get more upset.

A friend of mine has a unique European name that is constantly being mispronounced, she said it's better to correct people right away so that it's not awkward down the line when they finally realize they've been mispronouncing it for a long time.

Do you correct people if they mispronounce your name or use an over-familiar nickname? 



  1. I have been called Maya all my life. Even people who don't see my name in writing seem to change my name to Maya when they first meet me. It has been happening so long, I tend to respond to either. I've also been called Mimi and Meeshi randomly. When I was younger I wanted to change my name to Stephanie but was reminded of the full house episode - "step on me". Hope to see you soon Terri ;)!

  2. Yes, my surname is Wait and for some reason people pronounce it White. No! I always correct them.

    And then with a name like Megan, I am always caught off guard when someone I haven't known for that long starts calling me Meg or Megs. No! Only old friends call me that.