Gel Nails -- What Do You Think?

Have you tried the gel (shellac) nails yet? I absolutely love them because they last so long (2-3) weeks and are hard as rocks the moment you leave the salon. They achieve this through a type of acrylic nail polish that hardens under UV lights. They are a bit pricey but so worth it if you want extended nail color.
So far I've stuck with mostly neutral colors (except bright red over the holidays!) but I'm tempted to try bright white or something dark and dramatic for winter. My sister told me that it's best to go with short, rounded nails with more vibrant or daring shades.

PS. Never try to pick off the gel nail polish, I lost half my nail doing this! They need serious acetone to come free.

(Anne HathawayNatasha Bedingfield)


  1. My stomach just turned when you said you lost half a nail! That's why I won't even considering getting false nails again soon. Perhaps for my wedding, but that's it.

  2. I love gel nails!

    I noticed that acrylic ones broke a bit easier, then again I was also a cashier at the time and in college tapping on my keyboard all the time. They put up a fair fight.

    I was wondering if anyone had tried the Sally Hansen at-home gel nail kit?


  3. Last fall I had a friend with all the gear (special nail polishes, UV light) give me a shellac manicure and I loved it. It lasted for a couple weeks and didn't damage my nails as much as acrylics have in the past. I'd like to get them again, but they are just so expensive! I might just start picking up the groupons for them that seem to pop up every other week...

  4. Oh yes. I love shellac. It is the ONLY way I can have my nails painted. I have only tried nude colors, but am looking forward to trying something more daring!

  5. I think I need to get this! I got through Gel Nails some salon expert kills my nails, this leaves me way more control.