Childhood Characters all Grown Up

Did you ever read The Face on the Milk Carton? I remember reading it in 4th grade and then wondering if maybe I too was kidnapped like the main character. I had a very active imagination.

The author, Caroline B Cooney just released a 5th (and final) book in her Janie Johnson series called Janie Face to Face . I just stumbled upon this article, talking about Cooney's process in getting there, how readers for years had asked what happened to the character when she grew up.

I know a few other authors of series I loved growing up have done the same thing, writing books that take place years later, letting their readers catch up with the characters in college and beyond.

Sisterhood Everlasting catches up with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants characters as they are about to turn 30.

Sweet Valley Confidential takes place 10 years later.

My favorite series growing up were The American Girl books and the Baby Sitters Club. I'd love to see how Molly turned out, all grown up, living in the 1960's.

Unfortunately author Ann M. Martin chose to write a prequel, not a sequel to the Baby Sitters Club books, but here's someone else's take on where they are now.

What childhood characters would you like to read about all grown up?


  1. I LOVED the face on the milk carton! I read all of those books, I definitely need to check this one out. I also read Sisterhood Everlasting, and was a bit surprised with how the author took the plot (very sad!). I swear they don't make books like this anymore for tweens/early teens sadly, the twilight generation took over with vampires and battle to the death (hunger games).

    1. Agreed. It's strange to think that it went from this sort of soap opera-like drama of "you're not my real parents!" to kill or be killed. Yikes. Although I did enjoy the Hunger Games...