Have you signed a petition on before? 

This current petition for Victoria Secret to make "survivor bras" for breast cancer survivors to feel beautiful, caught my eye today and lead me down a rabbit hole of reading other petitions on the site and victories that have been achieved. 

At the risk of sounding cliché, I just wanted to take a moment to focus on good in the world and look at positive changes that have come from the simple, grassroots action, of people signing online petitions. We all have a voice and while one person may not be heard, even a few other people joining in and pointing out injustice can get things done.

This petition got Verizon to change it's polices to help domestic violence victims cancel contracts without incurring large fees, helping them to hide from their abusers. 

This petition for justice for Treyvon Martin got over 2 million signatures and international attention. 

Cooking is for boys too with this victory for a gender neutral Easy Bake Oven

One girl started  a campaign that changed the "Bully" movie rating to PG-13 so target audience can see it. 

For more success stories, check out this great article from Nick Kristof on 

And check out for all sorts of great causes that are currently seeking signatures, like the"survivor bra" this one asking Wal-Mart to stop selling assault weapons or this petition, asking Crayola to start a marker recycling program. 

PS. Featured above, I love this positive play on words necklace from Charming Initials on Etsy. 

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