Wedding Wednesday: Flats

What sort of shoes will you wear with your wedding dress?

Have you considered flats?

I know, I know, flats sound so boring.  But there are cute ones out there! And think of all of the other benefits...

You'll probably be spending most of your wedding day on your feet- from photos  and the ceremony to mingling with guests and dancing- and that's a long time to be standing in heels, especially ones that most people won't be able to see from under your dress.

If you're getting married outside, will you spend a lot of your day walking on sand, rocks or grass?

Even if you go with a pair of sky high heels, I'd consider getting something comfortable to slip into later in the night. Here are some great options I've found. 
Just because you're going with flats, it doesn't mean you can't splurge on a special pair of shoes.  how about sparkly Jimmy Choo sandals featured in the photo above.  I keep hearing good things about Tieks. These cute and comfy ballet flats would be great all day or a good option to whip out after you get tired of your heals at the reception. Also, I love these Louboutins below. Very classic.

There's a ton of more budget friendly options too. Like these Steve Madden sandals or these sparkly ballet flats or something blue, both from etsy.

OR,  make a more casual statement. We've seen brides in Sseko SandalsToms or even cowboy boots!


  1. I'm a fan of flats on your wedding day. Get heels for pictures, but you probably won't see your shoes under the dress otherwise!

  2. I'm 5'1'' and my fiance is 6'1'' so i will NOT be wearing flats! haha. (Maybe if I was taller! :)

    1. Haha. Yep. You probably wear heals a lot. I'm 5'10 so that's never been an issue for me, in fact, I often run into the opposite problem of feeling like I'm towering over people on the few occasions that I wear super high heals.
      I'd still consider a comfy shoe for the reception, some sort of a platform maybe so you can take off your heels but not have you dress drag on the ground.

  3. I'm wearing flats for the whole day! I'm only an inch shorter than my fiancé so it makes sense aesthetically, but also I just want to be COMFORTABLE :)

  4. Totally getting married in flats. Blue ones!

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