Our First REAL Tree

How was your weekend? Patrick and I got into the holiday spirit and decorated our new place for Christmas. This is an exciting year for us because it's the first time we've had a REAL Christmas tree! We had a little fake one when we lived in Ireland but this was the first time we went to a festive tree lot and picked out one of our own (a Noble Fir). It's also the first time we've been able to decorate with our own ornaments. Decorating the tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions, I love to put on a fire log and some Christmas music and reminisce about the different ornaments and where they came from.  

This Christmas definitely feels like the start of a new season for us, like we are finally starting to settle in a bit here in Seattle. It's a good feeling to put down roots and establish new traditions as a family. What are your holiday traditions? And I have to ask: real or fake tree??

PS. Rafa was so cute with the tree, he loves sitting on the table staring up at it (and luckily for us he hasn't tried to mess with it yet, like he does everything else).


  1. One of my holiday traditions is that every year I buy my kids a Christmas ornament (which is one of the two presents they get to open on Christmas Eve, the other is pajamas). When they grow up they will take them to decorate their own trees... haha... as in the photo above!

  2. Definitely real tree all the way! Where is your tree Jenny?!!?? :)

  3. I've never had a real Christmas tree. Some people get it in russia, but it usually looks really poor and horrible... And we don't add water or smth.... So by the new year's eve it gets super dry and gives loooooots of mess and trash =)))))
    So I'm all for fake trees =))))) They look much better than real trees here =))))))))))))))

    1. I grew up with fake trees, which despite what people say about them, they always look perfect. I didn't realize how much work it can be to pick out a good looking real tree! And we are in Seattle where evergreens abound!