A Weekend In: Dublin

Dublin is one of my favorite cities in the world! Have you been? Patrick and I had so much fun living there last year and I get asked often what are the best places to hit if you only have one weekend there. Here are my (totally biased) suggestions:
View from Gravity Bar

*Pose in front of Dublin Castle on your way to the fabulous Chester Beatty Library Museum
*Stroll through
through Ireland's oldest and most beautiful university, Trinity College, and ogle at old buildings and students modeling Europe's latest fashion statements.
*Discover the bullet holes in pillars outside of post office on O’Connell Street (also, indulge in the best donuts EVER at tiny stand on the east side of the giant spire).
*Walk down historic shopping row Grafton Street to St. Stephen’s green for a jaunt through the park.
*Give in to being a tourist and take the Guinness Storehouse tour. The views from the Gravity Bar at the top are incredible, go on a clear day if possible.
*Enjoy a play or concert in one of Dublin’s many fabulous theaters - The Abbey, Gaity and Olympia are all great.

*The Stag’s Head is a MUST SEE traditional Irish pub from the Victorian era. It's always packed but very has a great old feel and lively vibe. If you don’t love Guiness go for my favorite Irish beer, Smithwicks (pronounced Smithicks).
*Sip cocktails and eat great seafood at Coppinger Row restaurant – they don’t take reservations but it’s worth the 30 minute wait. Try the Basil cocktail, it's set you back $18 but it's well worth it.
*Join the young professional crowd at the No Name Bar: Super fun pub/bar with fabulous heated outdoor area. Just around the corner from Coppinger Row, this one is a must see too.
*O’Donoghues Bar is super authentic and a great place to catch Irish music at it’s best.
*Sip a pint at Bono's Octagon bar in the Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar. (He and the Edge have been known to grab a pint there themselves!)
*Grab a microbrew and Irish food at Porterhouse Brewery in Temple Bar.

*My absolute favorite shop in Ireland is the Avoca store and café. Great Irish made clothes, wool blankets, Irish potter, etc. It has a sort of Irish Anthropologie-like feel. The café upstairs is fabulous, try the fish pie, you won't regret it.
*The Powerhouse Centre is full of lovely and eclectic shops and has a really nice ambiance. The Loft Market on the top floor features 8-10 revolving Irish fashion designers work. 
*The Kilkenny Shop is my favorite spot to buy great Irish made gifts, souvenirs, and clothes all made in Ireland.
*And finally, a trip to Dublin isn't complete without stopping off at Ireland's best bargain clothing shop, Penny’s. Crazy low prices and fun trendy clothing that will last for about one wear per Euro paid for it. 

I'd love to hear your recommendations! What am I missing?


  1. This is making me want to go back to Dublin! The doughnuts really were the best ever! I'm hungary just thinking of them. And Avoca...a store I could live in, literally. They have everything from food to clothes and home goods!

  2. I have an Irish friend, and another friend who lived there for three years...and from there stories of Dublin I have wanted to visit. But, your pictures and lists of what to do make me REALLY want to visit. I have heard so many great things about Grafton Street and O'Connell Street! I just want to wonder and discover what is there, like this doughnut shop you mention! YUM!

    1. There are so many great shops around Grafton, walking the little alleys and discovering new places is one of my favorite things to do in Dublin...just bring your raincoat!

  3. I want to go back to Dublin too! I want to live there. And Teresa, you were a great tour guide for our very quick trip :)

    1. Thanks CAK! You should definitely go back, your trip was too quick to truly do Ireland justice! lots of love.

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