Holiday De-Stressing: Facials

As much as I love the holidays, this time of year can be stressful with a calendar full of social gatherings, shopping for gifts, pressure to decorate/bake, and work on top of it all. December is a great month to splurge on a little self-care like a facial or massage to de-stress. 

Have you ever had a facial? I started getting them consistently (once a month) this fall and I have to say it’s an indulgence that I have not regretted. It’s such a relaxing experience and my skin has never felt healthier. I usually have dry patchy spots this time of year with the transition to cooler weather but I've been able to avoid that all together. Facials can be pricey but there are some good deals out there with memberships (what I do) or if you're willing to get one from an aesthatician student.

Another great idea is to do a simple at home facial with supplies you already have around the house. This would be a fun party with girlfriends to get some R&R together!


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  1. I am not stressed out I love the holiday buzz, but seriously a massage or facial anytime of year would suit me !

    Love Chrissi xo