Winter Workouts?

What do you do to stay fit in the winter? I don't have a lot of motivation to go jogging in the dark/rain so I'm trying to find alternatives to my regular routine for the winter months. In the past I've done Julianne Hough's dance workout DVD's and used the Nike App for my iPhone (which are both good but you really have to be self motivated!). Any recommendations for other indoor workout programs that don't involve expensive gym memberships? I used to call my gym membership a donation because I never went. :/
I tend to be far more motivated to keep up with my yoga in the winter though. The warm, low-lit studio calls to me and it's great to have someone else motivate me through a routine. Also, my yoga "guru," Melina Meza, has a fabulous series of books and a DVD that have actually gotten me to do a bit of a home practice in the fall/winter over the years. Check her out, she's great!

(Top photo and Melina)


  1. If you have a netflix membership, there are loads of workout dvds available on the instaque. I actually have a gym inside my apartment building, which is included in my rent, but I still pay for a gym membership, because going to spin class is the only thing that motivates me to workout.

  2. I'm into Crossfit these days. Team workouts and motivation and mostly all indoors :)

  3. My partner and I do strength and weight training together, as it's easy to fit in with our work periods. We carry this out year long, and I am currently trying to talk him into looking into dance lessons with me, though this can also be done through Youtube and DVDs. =]