It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thanksgiving...

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? This year, I'm hosting some family and friends at my house so I've had different ideas bouncing around in my head for a few weeks in terms of recipes, traditions and table decorations. 

Thanks to our Thanksgiving Pinterest board, I'm really inspired to try a few new recipes this year and am inspired to decorate. I have a set of Thanksgiving dishes I inherited from my parents, the leaf plates are my favorite part. So the goal with decorations, is to use those and get creative with other things I already have: doilies, leaves and branches, etc. 

We seem to celebrate Thanksgiving at a different place every year, so creating traditions that can be kept anywhere are a fun way to have consistency, despite the location. Last year, Teresa and I decided to make a tradition of baking together the day before, something I hope we still do when we're old and grey. 

Another tradition I've decided to start, is doing a craft project after everyone is stuffed. Last year, we made t-shirt scarves. This year, I'm thinking about making these. I love how they smell. Or we could really celebrate Thanksgiving elementary school style and make these!

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