Seattle Spotlight: New Restaurant, The Whale Wins

As I've mentioned, one of Patrick and my favorite things to indulge in is eating out at Seattle's wide selection of fabulous restaurants. Needless to say we were THRILLED to find out that our favorite local spot, The Walrus and the Carpenter, just opened up a sister restaurant four blocks from our new place! The restaurant, The Whale Wins, is housed in a newly refinished building on Stone Way near Fremont. 

It only took us a week to make our way over to try out the Southern European and English inspired cuisine. It was fun to dine with people from our neighborhood and hard-core foodies who go to restaurants the first week they open, everyone in the restaurant seemed to know each other.  I found the food refreshing because although it is cooked in a wood-fired oven, they don't serve pizza. Instead the emphasis is on ripe, delicious local vegetables, perfectly cooked seafood and unique parings of NW and European flavors. We had the trout (pictured - some of the best fish I've ever had), clams, winter lettuce and roasted tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella with apple crisp to top it off. Everything was fabulous, I would probably skip the clams next time but the trout is a must have. We will definitely be back.

And lucky for us, Revel's newly opened Korean-inspired restaurant, Joule is in the same building! Bon App├ętit!

(all photos from The Whale Wins)  

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