The Not So Glamourous Life of a Photographer

Hello from Seattle! I'm so thrilled to finally be home. Thanks for putting up with my lax posting schedule recently. Life has been a bit crazy. In the last 3 weeks, I've been in 5 states (9 if you count layovers), stayed up for 24+ hours on multiple occasions, sat in many a middle seat next to strangers who did not believe in sharing the armrest and missed meals because there just wasn't time to stop. Jason and I haven't had a day off since our New York trip.

View from the hotel, San Antonio

I don't mean for this post to come off as if I'm complaining. I love my crazy life, but I tend to run into people that think being a photographer is a lot easier than it is, that it's all fun photo shoots and sleeping in late and no crazy clients or long nights of editing to meet deadlines. It is true, we have gotten to go to a lot of cool places and meet wonderfully interesting people but there is a lot of had work and demanding schedules involved.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Here's a little behind the scenes peak at what life actually looks like. 

From left to right: After being awake for 36 hours, Jason finally gets to sleep on a flight from San Antonio to Atlanta. Pulling an all-nighter in our "office" at the Greenbrier. Daisy and Jason waiting for a delayed shoot to start. 

Photos via Jason & my instagram (@jkoephoto, @jennykoekoe)


  1. Jenny I have been meaning to tell you each time that you post about the Greenbrier that I am so jealous that you got to go and stay there. Chi Omega Convention was held at the Greenbrier for about a century before it started to go different places in the country as I am sure it got too expensive or maybe to small. I have heard so many stories about it over the years and it seems to be a magical place.

  2. You guys rock my socks. Hope you get to take a breather soon...

  3. Nana knew about the Greenbrier's secret basement area. She sent you an alligator clutch she bought in the 40's, for when you are living the high life. Cats still home?

  4. Oh wow.. you guys are amazing! I wish I had as much energy as you!

  5. Love you guys~ at least you dont work at the mall ;) lol