Camera Throwback

Hello! We got back from New York yesterday and so I wanted to share a unique view of our trip. Our friend Johnny (of Mazagran Photo) had the brilliant idea to bring a random old camera and rolls of film. So on top of four Nikon DSLRS, and the iPhones we never leave home without, we also had this little gem. We called it the Official Trip Camera and everywhere we went, we snapped a few shots the old fashioned way, on film.  
When we got home yesterday, Johnny immediately ran out and got it developed. We were all so excited to see the results. 

I can't tell you the last time I used a film point and shoot camera. It was super fun to experience the quirks of film. Instead of taking hundreds of digital shots and checking to see how they turned out on a D800 or iPhone, we'd take one or maybe two shots on the film. After all, you don't have an endless supply, just 36 images per roll. 
I'd forgotten what it was like to not have that instant gratification of digital. The photos are more special when you have to wait to see them. And look at how differently things turned out in different light, without having the ability to control shutter and aperture. Better results than instagram filters. 
The funniest part, handing the camera off to a stranger on the street or our waiter to get a group shot and watching them fumble with the camera, looking for a large screen on the back, forgetting what it's like to look through the view finder! 

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