The Best Rice Pudding

Have you ever been to Rice to Riches in New York? People say it's the world's best rice pudding and I might just have to agree. I happened to walk by it in Nolita when we were in town a few weeks back and between the eye catching neon and futuristic styling of the shop to the hilarious signs, I couldn't help but walk in. Oh, and then there's the fact that I LOVE rice pudding. 

Jason was skeptical,  but in the end, he was licking the bowl. 

If you aren't planning a trip to NYC anytime soon, you can have rice pudding shipped to you or if you're ambitious (and don't want to shell out $55 for dessert) you can try to make your own

I'm planning on attempting some rice pudding of my own soon. I'll report back with the results. 

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