Friday Roundup

Happy Friday! Here in Seattle we're enjoying a crisp, sunny fall. Definitely not taking it for granted as it could start raining any day. Do you have big plans for the weekend? I haven't seen much of my husband lately so we're planning to get out of town for a night or two and maybe see this movie

Here are some great links from around the web to get things started:

Fun fall stuff. 

Gluten free apple cake muffins, yes please. 

Shopping secrets for great deals.

Full House 25th Anniversary reunion! (everyone looks great!)

8 fall jacket trends -- I'm into the military style. 

Super cool tent art in Israel.

Meet the new Bachelor! (are you excited or disappointed? I'm undecided but will be watching)

The best time of day to do everything (even take a nap).

(Spiked!) Mexican Hot Chocolate, yumm.

Dreaming of Greece. 

Grumpy cat and yoga kitten.

Unique plant holders (I think I might need this for my new place). 

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  1. This porch looks amazing! And I think I need an anorak.