Wedding Wednesday: Buying Suits vs. Renting Tuxes

It seems the tide has shifted and I'm seeing way more suits than rented tuxes on the groom and groomsmen at weddings. Here's a few reasons why I think buying suits is a way better idea than renting tuxes.

1. What guy doesn't need a new suit? Expect to pay $150-250 for tux rental. If you're able to hit a sale, you could spend only a little more for full suits that the guys can keep and get plenty of use out of. Yes, $500 seems like a lot, but if you wear it more than twice, you've gotten more than the rented value out of it. Feel out the groomsmen, obviously you don't want to force everyone to buy a expensive suit they hate, but most guys are usually on board with this. Buying them a shirt, shoes or a tie is always a nice groomsmen gift.

2. Save Money. If you don't want to make everyone buy a new suit, give them a color and let them wear one they have. Matching ties from Tie Bar is a great way to tie their looks together. Haha, get it, "tie"?!

3. The part that usually sells guys on this idea: Have them think about all the other guys that have worn that very tux that they are now going to wear. I've been at weddings and had a groomsmen announce he was going commando in a rented tux more than once. You don't want to wear that.

4. Suits fit better. It's been tailored to you, not tailored to be passible on you for one day. Also, we've often seen mistakes in shirt and shoe sizes on rentals. If you do rent be sure to CHECK the sizes on everything before you walk out of the store.

4. More variety in choices and styles. I love grey and charcoal suits or khaki for a  more casual wedding.

Where to look for great suits?
 I love Suit Supply. For something classic, JCrew is always good. As I said above, Macys is the place to look for deals. You could check out Indochino too.

And again ladies and gentlemen, Tie Bar is the place to go for ties (no they are not paying me to say this) seriously, famous people wear their ties and they are $15!

So what do you think? Suits or Tuxes? 


  1. Another fantastic wedding post Jenny! Men really do need at least one suit in their closet, so I don't see why not to buy one! And the part about wearing something that another guy has worn...ew.

    Thanks for linking up today my dear!


  2. Such a nice wedding post. I agree, most groom don't need to buy new suits for them to save money.

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  3. Great post! And wow this probably sounds like I have been living in a closet the last 23 years of my life but I honestly had no idea buying a tux could be up to $500!!! damn. Lol!!

  4. My friend, whose son is getting married in Chicago in December, said all the men are buying gray suits, so there you go! They listened to you.

  5. I say find a deal and get yourself a nice, custom-fitted suit that you can wear more than just on your wedding day.
    -Jack @ Matching neckties

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  9. I think getting a new suit would be good for people that wear suits often. I don't like wearing suits, though. I think I will just rent a tux for the day because I'm not a suit kind of guy. What color tux should I get? I was thinking about a pink or really light blue one!

  10. Many people have a different perspective about whether to buy a suit or rent one, and in my opinion, both sides make reasonable arguments. But if I have to choose, I would rather buy one than rent. Because you can never go wrong with having one in your wardrobe for special occasions, and it's always nice to have that fits you perfectly.

    Howard Crist @ Hidalgo Brothers

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  12. Suits do have a lot of advantages. A rental tux does not need to be taken home and cleaned. A suit can come home forever, and serve you long after the big day is over. Tough choice.

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